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Training class

Grade of students are varied. Any level of students, from beginners to senior students, train together. Senior students advise beginners step by step. Training starts from stretching, rolling(UKEMI), pair training and group training. 3 instructors lead class different days, Robert Poresky (Colaborating instructor) sensei come to teach class onece a month.

Ukemi Practice

"Ukemi" is name of rolling in martial arts. It is important to protect yourself in any situation. When you start practice, instructors teach how to take Ukemi step by step.


Tobi Ukemi (Break fall)

"Tobi Ukemi" (break fall) is applied Ukemi. Eventually, you will learn how to do it. Even you were thrown hardly, you will not get any injury by taking break fall. It looks tough, but it is not. Once you get how to do it, you can take break fall naturally. It is not pain. You fill feel like flying the sky.


Breathing is one of most important factor in Aikido training. Aikido's trainig strat breathing, and end with breathing.

Annual event

Every summer we have outside weapon training at lake-side hill. We also enjoy BBQ after the training. Join!


Kyu testing is generally held 2-3 times a year. Dan testing is held at Takeguchi sensei's annual seminar on Dec.

When to start?

You can start training any time, any age, regardless of gender. Some people started from their childhood, others started when they were mid 50s, or even more. Training Aikido is relatively softer than other martial arts . Aikido has no competition. Day-by-day training is everything. As you train, your technique will be developed.

How to join?

Just come and see us whenever you have time. You are also welcome to have trial. Bring something to wear to work out. Feel free to ask any question (Vic 585-576-0286 or

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